Every landscape is unique, and so is every homeowner. Boulder Creek specializes in creating landscape maintenance plans that suit your needs and your budget. We can put together a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly plan that could include weed removal, fertilizing, pruning, edging and mulching, planting annuals or even creating a custom design for containers on your porch, entry, patio or deck. We are passionate about making your outdoor living area a special place to come home to.

Custom Container Design

Heavy containers can be hard to move and cumbersome to fill with plants. We create beautiful custom containers for every season on-site, and we can also pickup and deliver the containers for you. We can create containers based on your requests or come up with a new design made with the purpose and your personality. Unique plant material will soften your living space and reflect your personal sense of style.

Seasonal Landscape Cleanup

No matter the season, we can help you maintain your landscape area. A typical landscape area cleanup will involve weeding, pruning (shrubs, small trees and perennials), edging and mulching. Some plants are not to be trimmed in the fall. We always inform our customers of this and make plans according your needs.

Preparing to Sell Your Home?

First impressions are crucial in a competitive real estate market. Curb appeal can translate into getting buyers through your door and cash in your pocket. Boulder Creek Lawn and Landscape Maintenance can assist in your sales endeavors. With minimal investment, your landscape can be a key component to quickly selling your home. A higher perceived value can translate to a higher selling price. In most cases, a quick cleanup before an open house is all it takes to make an impression that really counts.